From competing in the local competition The Big Break as finalists and performing at local functions, to recording songs on 3 compilation albums, performing overseas in Jakarta; Boston (East Coast A Cappella Summit), and participating in the 2004 Music Competition in Tilburg, Netherland, NANU is an established brand that has performed on the stages of Esplanade (Late Night series concerts, Concourse, Outdoor Stage), while also shining at countless ministerial and private functions, including hundreds of school tour performances over the past 10 years. Through the years, NANU has come full circle, bringing together the diverse backgrounds of each vocalist’s rich and varied portfolio of musical skills, creating an A Cappella team that speaks volumes in Hong Kong, Korea, and also lauded locally for their silky smooth blend and appeal.

The NANU of today comes with a good dose of youthfulness and spunk as it innovates and recreates its sound, producing their brand of A Cappella in today's musical scene, covering a wide range of styles from American Pop, Close Harmony to Asian tunes, while exploring into original materials.